Purposes and Users of RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter:
Dedicated to professional photographers of portrait, landscape, still life, zoology, live record, etc.

Pin-Point calibrating camera color system on site instantly.

A must-have camera color calibrating tool for commercial photographers to shoot the right color in one shot to avoid the unnecessary controversies on product colors. Works great for various sizes of photostudio under different lighting condition.

For all users of DSLR cameras, mirror-less cameras, digital cameras, video recorders which are equipped with the features of “Manual White Balance” for indoors and outdoors.

For high-end mobile phones that equipped with manual while balance feature, such as XiaoMi MI3, MI4, etc.

● Most suitable for portrait, still commodities, landscapes, wildlife, bird, zoology, season travels, social activities, daily events and life record photography of all users.

Faithful skin color reproduction.  Human skin colors are the most obvious manifestation of health. With the “Absolute Color” setting of this Filter, the most realistic skin colors with the least influences from ambient lighting sources can be taken. This unique function is vital to record the blush on face and the health conditions of family members, especially on babies’ and kids’ delicate growth records. While snapping the daily events photo, everyone’s health and life process are also faithfully and livelily recorded.  It also helps to avoid the liver-like unhealthy skin color under indoor yellow bulb lighting.

Hospital patient health records and treatment managements.

● Extremely suitable for all businesses in faithful color records and data managements. Efficient and money-saving!

Micro film and short film fans. Using the “Absolute Color” to film all the scenes, it would save lots of time and efforts during the editing on color adjustments.

Professional wedding photographic for both indoor and outdoor.

Best camera color system calibrating tool for photo perfectionists.

Flexible design that can work with a variety of brand name expert-level filters or hood used in conjunction.

● Setting the accurate average color temperature value on the long distance scene shooting.

Precisely adjusting the color balance and color density of photos with the physical optical filter. Fully exposes the photographic image quality performance advantage of the top model cameras. DCC Filter immediately improves the color image performance of the current DSLR.

Effective correction towards the photo color shift when using the top flash mixed with ambient lighting under various scenes.

Illumination of main light source can be controlled easily and precisely adjusted the right average color temperature, to match different brands and models of camera/video CAM to shoot for Visual Color photo directly.

Environmental impact-resistant materials, precision manufacturing, high durability, long service life.

● The use of barrel telescopic adjustment makes it perfectly applicable to use with the lens of wide-angel, standard, telephoto fix lens, and zoom lens.

● It is the perfect solution towards the recurring errors of camera’s Auto White Balance (AWB) calculation simulation which causes photo color distortion problems. It helps the photographers giving them more confidence on their photo/video creation.

Avoid color distortion from the excessive ambient lights.

● When photographing the scene, it is not just for the photographer to frame the view. It is also the finest presentation of the photographer on his/her light shad, color scene appreciation, judgments, interpretation and personal tastes.  Taking one shot to capture the scene with mirror image photo in full compliance with spot atmosphere and seasonal sensation that would make the art creations, image enhancements much more easily.

Color is the soul of all arts. Without color presentation, the beauty, moment touches and inspirations of artists’ creation can not be fully created. “RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter” is an indispensable camera color calibration tool for artists and photographic enthusiasms from now on.

● For studio models or commodities shot, it could be used to shoot either Visual Color or Absolute Color photo without worrying that multiple lamp bulb color temperatures are not correct or aging which would cause the photo color cast.  It helps to get the almost perfect color photo from the first time. It is a must-have for a large number of commodities shooting, multiple-angle shooting and animation shooting.

★ PCT NO. PCT/CN2014/000209  
CHINA PATENT NO. ZL 2014 2 0104131.X