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Features of “RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter”:

Latest 2014 U.S. innovation. Its patent application was endorsed by PCT within 46 days due to its unique insights and application on physics and optics to solve the existing camera color problem! It is a proud record.  (March 7, 2014 – April 22, 2014)

Concise design, well structured, easy to use, instant results.

Get “Visual Color” or “Absolute Color” photo from camera in one shot directly!

Total new concept and design to measure the white balance average value by framing the scene to provide the most accurate compensation value towards the camera gray card system.

★ Get the accurate color temperature average value of the framed photographic scene through a real optical filter instantly. In the mean time, the camera color system is precisely calibrated for the scene too!

Take mirror image photo (JPG and/or RAW) in one shot directly!  That reduces the steps and time for PS post processing, and removes the troubles from the color uncertainties. For JPG photo, that totally avoids the photo image quality degrade from the color correction process. An almost perfect color RAW would make the PS jobs much easier and faster, such as color enhancements and art creations.

The first and only color temperature adjustable calibration filter in the market.

It turns the DSLR camera into a perfect-matched color temperature meter which receives a limited scale of incident lights from the shooting scene through DCC Filter. Thus, the camera color system is calibrated to its best instantly.

★ It uses the combined application of optical theories of light guide phenomenon, shading effect, color temperature isolation, color temperature mixing, focusing and diffusion etc. creating an unprecedented camera color calibration filter.

A real optical filter is used to calibrate the camera color system with the superior calibration results.

Assembly design. Each part can be easily detached and assembled while remaining a proper damping effect to keep the barrels and filter cup in relatively stable position to maximize the users’ flexibility.

With its adjustable stepless directivity barrel design, it can help the photographers to shoot mirror image photo that conforms to the real scene in one shot. Moreover, it can take photo out of all objects in “Absolute Color,” including the “Absolute White”!

★ Its length-adjustable design makes it perfect to fit the photography framing perspective needs of wide-angel, standard or telephoto lenses.

★ RAYNAULD™ DCC Filter is applicable across various brands of cameras and lenses that makes it a very worthwhile investment for fine photographing.

★ The telescopic tube design makes storage easy and the use of flexibility indoor and outdoor.

★ The height is only 4.0 cm after the contraction. Light, portable and convenient storage. A special package make it easy to attaché the filter onto a belt or backpack’s shoulder strap. It is easy to use and doesn’t interfere with body movements.

★ Adjusting the length of the telescopic tube and the position of the cup filter, the user can fine-tune the white color compensation value to customize the color temperature differences on the nature of different lenses.

Avoid the wrong color temperature measurements from the unnecessary highlight and intense colors outside the shooting range.

Provides the camera with the most accurate camera gray color system compensation value to shoot photos with  almost perfect color.

★ When using the manual white balance setting, the camera build-in AWB is no more working. It can reduce the camera CPU usage rate from the intense computation burden of AWB while improves camera performance and system responses. That might extent camera service life with less overheats problems.

Easy to use.  Mount -> Set Manual White Balance -> Take Off.  Cover the front end of the lens with the Filter when doing the manual white balance settings. Once the settings are done, the filter can be removed immediately. The retractable telescopic structure makes it ease to adjust the filter poison to match the view angles of the lens to achieve the best color temperature compensation value.

★ The intensity of ambient light illumination affects the color temperature average value through the filter. Thus, the color temperature average value can be adjusted through the adjustment of the position of the filter cup within the black barrel. There are two kinds of light guide panel width structures on filter cup to adjust the intensity of ambient light illumination.  There are many radiation type semicircle points which are designed to enhance the light diffusion to provide camera gray card system with more precious compensation value in order to shoot for color perfect photo or video with mirror image effect.

★ The unique patented design can fine-tune the color temperature of the photography scene with the main light source and illumination ratio to match the eye visual sense and personal preferences.

★ For individual camera color temperature compensation design is not competently set, the color temperature adjustment mechanism of “RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter” can be used to for further fine-tuning of the device to get the highest level of photographic color reproduction of the scene.

The different lens structures, materials and coatings will affect the color temperature of light ray that passes through the lens. “RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter” can be used to fine-tune the variety caused by the lens for the camera gray card compensation system.

Personally designed by the inventor himself. The DCC Filter carries more new features and functionalities beyond the original patent applications.

Effectively resolve the color temperature calculation errors of all cameras AWB in a variety of different scenarios.

The light can be guided to the filter through the light guide panels on the filter cup indirectly to avoid the direct exposure of the main light on the main filter that is in full compliance with the diffusion phenomena of environmental colors. With that, it can provide the most accurate compensation value to the camera gray card system to shoot the highest quality photo to restore the real world color in one shot!

Improved color gradation. The millions of colors on the photo are also extremely accurate, and in this way makes the details of photo clearer and sharper. The average Color Calibration white balance value from “RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration filter” is more accurate than the best gray card.

Designed and created for professional photographers. It works great for general photographers for all purposes TOO!

★ PCT NO. PCT/CN2014/000209  
CHINA PATENT NO. ZL 2014 2 0104131.X