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☉ What kinds of camera/video CAM can use “RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter”?

    “RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration filter” can be used with all DSLR cameras, EVIL cameras, advanced digital camera, fixed and interchangeable video recorders and some latest mobile phones equipped with the feature of “Manual White Balance” to shoot for mirror image photos and movies.

    There are 4 sizes of “RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter”, the inner diameter of 65mm, 75mm, 85mm and 100mm. If the biggest outer diameter of the lens is smaller than the filer inner diameter, it would be applicable to use with the DCC Filter.

RAYNAULD™ DCC Filter” is simple to use:

1.    Select the shoot scene and point the lens to it.
2.    Perform all the procedures of “Manual White Balance” except the last step.
3.    Cover the front lens with the DCC Filter.
4.    Press the shutter or button to complete the final “Manual White Balance” and/or other final step.

 (White Balance Procedure for Canon EOS M)

(** Please refer to the camera user manual for the detailed instructions on performing the “Manual White Balance”. )

    Thus, a RAYNAULD™ DCC Filter can be applied to lenses in several sizes across various brands of cameras or lenses.  Please select by basing on your lens collection. “RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter” is a must-have essential camera accessory to shoot for photographs of almost perfect color indoors or outdoors.