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☉ What is the “Photo with Mirror Image Quality”?

    Modern digital cameras, especially DSLR camera, EVIL camera and advanced digital camera equipped with the feature of “Manual White Balance”, have reached a very high level of shooting great photos.  Lens, body structure, shutter, auto focus, image stabilization, exposure, continuous capture, battery and operational reliability, etc. have reached ideal state.  However, the color rendition is still the unsolved problem for all of them.

    There are no colors or contents when we look into a quality mirror while it reflects all environment image to human vision.  What is the main peculiarity of the mirror image? Not only it is clear, but it also fully replicates all the images and colors to our eyes as if we see through the mirror except in rightabout direction. We can see the existence of the real world through the reflection of the mirror.  If a photograph could reach this level of color perfection, it could be called “Photo with Mirror Image Quality”!  With this kind of photo quality, we could keep our instant touches into permanent memories or share the pleasure with the world proudly.