RAYNAULD "Full Color Spectrum  in three copies

The main functions of the RAYNAULD Directivity White Balance Magic Filter DCC40, the "limited scene range" and the "pointing light" can avoid unnecessary light source pollution (such as sky color and sunlight), and can select the area with the most complex colors within a specific range as the locking target of manual white balance, providing a camera or mobile phone camera with a precise negative compensation value, and zeroing the white value of the camera's shooting scene. Thus, your camera and iPhone can directly shoot photos and videos with near-perfect true colors like a perfect color copy machine of your vision wherever you go and stay. WYSIWYG No color errors!


                                                  DCC40, Lens Hood Adapters and Box are not included.

However, in reality, there are many photographic scenes where the ideal white balance lock area with rich and complex colors zone cannot be found, such as mountains, fields, parks and even indoors. RAYNAULD Full-color spectrum provides a very good auxiliary tool to help you do a very accurate manual white balance lock.


In the shooting scene, using the Directivity White Balance Magic Filters, DCC40 or Teles Pro, with a Full-Color Spectrum is like combining the ambient light source of the shooting scene and the most complete comprehensive colors of the earth. The color temperature value and hue value of the camera's on-site white value can be extremely accurately zeroed. Naturally, all your DSLR, mirrorless cameras and iPhone will be able to capture true-to-life, near-perfect photos and videos anywhere, anytime.




The Full-color Spectrum is a professional matching tool for RAYNAULD Directivity White Balance Magic Filters only.


The Full-Color Spectrum is a simulation of the complete earth's comprehensive colors.


Combining the color of "the Full-Color Spectrum and the ambient light of the shooting site, such incident light can provide extremely accurate negative compensation values for the color temperature and tint values of the shooting site of the camera color system. With the manual white balance lock, the camera's white value for the shooting site can be accurately zeroed.


When the white in the photo is accurately zeroed, the exact color of every pixel from billion colors in the image can be accurately recorded by the camera and displayed faithfully and correctly in the image.


The Full-Color Spectrogram can be folded and used again, and the folding wrinkles on the surface will not affect the use effect of its function.


The Full-Color Spectrum cannot be used alone, or with a gray card, or with a non-directional traditional flat white balance filter.


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* Product: RAYNAULD "Full Color Spectrum in three copies.

* Product code: FCS3

* Material: Paper printing.

* Packing: Three sheets folded into one envelope.

* Size: A4 paper.

* Weight: 3 sheets totaling 18g.

* Service life: one year.

* Surface wrinkles that are folded multiple times do not affect its color use.

* Easy to tear. Easy to dye. Please keep it clean.

* If the surface is stained, please replace it with a new one.