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Full-Color Spectrum     We have successfully achieved "no light pollution" 18-degree gray!   The application method of the White Balance Magic Filter is to find the richest and most complex color area in the photo scene neighborhood as the target to perform manual white balance lock. However, in the wild, the mountains or the park, and, even in various indoor scenes, sometimes it is hard to find an ideal white balance area as the lock target.   Theory and solution: One of the important theories of gray card is if all the colors of the world were merged together, the final color obtained is the 18-degree gray.   However, all printed professional gray cards on the market will lose the true color of 18-degree gray due to the light pollution of ambient light during actual use, and lose their accuracy as a white balance restoration tool.   After years of researches and developments, we have finally been able to make a breakthrough and create a palette of "RAYNAULD Full-Color Spectrum", further taking advantage of the "scene limitation" and "pointing light extraction" design advantages of the physical optics of the White Balance Magic Filter. .   The " RAYNAULD Full-Color Spectrum " has a rich and uniform color spectrum. Through the light guiding, condensing and integration effects of the White Balance Magic Filter, the lights is like fusing all the colors of the earth together, and then projecting to the camera's photosensitive element. Thus, the perfect "on-site 18-degree gray without light pollution" is created.   It provides an accurate negative compensation value for the camera color system that accurately return the white value of the camera scene to ZERO. No matter it is indoors or outdoors, you can use them for your digital camera or any iPhone through the White Balance Magic Filter, DCC40 or Teles Pro, to take pictures and videos with almost perfect true colors easily from the camera directly.   . How to use: It is simple to use. Just use it as the white balance lock target of DCC40 or Teles Pro to perform the manual white lock. In this way, you won't be troubled by not finding the ideal white balance lock target in the field, in the park or even indoors.   Put it on the ground or wall and work with the light. Simply put, the light source is behind you and the Full-Color Spectrum is placed in front of you. Outdoors, do in the shadow of the building to avoid direct sunlight on the spectrum, and do not use the "full-color spectrum" under the shade of trees.   Either outdoor or indoor use, you might as well use the shadow of your head to slightly shield part of the light on the Full-Color Spectrum. The reflected light from the "Full-Color Spectrum" could vary the color reading deviation.          Use Effect: We used 11 old cameras of different brands to test. Nearly half of the camera displays have been severely aging and color shifted. We also used three different used iPhones for multi-scene shooting. The test effects are very satisfactory. Basically, every photo has a perfect live color reproduction of its scene.   Focal length of lens: If it is a zoom lens, please use the standard lens focal length for setting. If you use flash or LED fill light with the camera, please adjust to the longest focal length lens for manual white balance setting.   Note: "Full-Color Spectrum" is not design to use for night scenes and starry sky shooting. Please still adjust the position according to DCC40 and Teles Pro intructions, directly facing the direction of the street scene across the street at nigh or the sky to perform the white balance lock directly.   For DSLR, mirrorless cameras and video recorders, please purchase DCC40; for iPhone and digital cameras with small lenses, such as SONY RX-100, please purchase Teles Pro. Both DCC40 and Teles Pro come with one or two dedicated hoods and a [RAYNAULD Full-Color Spectrum]. Additional copies of the Full-Color Spectrum can be ordered from our websites.     Users of DSLR, mirrorless cameras and video recorders, please purchase DCC40 Users of iPhone, small-lens digital cameras, aerial cameras and mobile gimbals, please purchase Teles Pro     Photo examples of using DCC40 with Full Color Spectrum     https://www.raynauld.com/hot_409109.html Full-Color Sprectrum Introduction and Apllication 2023-06-04 2024-06-04
Raynauld.Ltd. 7th Floor, 246 ZhuangJing Road, Taipei 110, Taiwan https://www.raynauld.com/hot_409109.html
Raynauld.Ltd. 7th Floor, 246 ZhuangJing Road, Taipei 110, Taiwan https://www.raynauld.com/hot_409109.html
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