RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter, 75mm - No more available


Visual Color Photographing

“RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter” is the newly invented external camera optical filter, which allows the most demanding professional photographers to capture a scene in “Visual Color” or “Absolute Color” by using the camera’s manual white balance system to achieve the highest photographic color accuracy in all lighting condition. This dramatically reduces the steps and the time required in post-processing for color enhancements. It helps to remove the doubt and uncertainness on photo color accuracy.  This also benefits general photography public by shooting the almost perfect color photos or videos at profession levels anytime anywhere!



“RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter” is a most advanced optical filter for calibrating the camera color system on site. It is used to pin-point calibrate the camera gray system against various scenes with exact accurate compensation value before the shooting. As a result, we have a high-precision and rich in detail photo with well-structured rich colors. Despite its complex physic and optical theory, the DCC Filter has an elegant and simple design. It is easy to use with and works with remarkable results.

“RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter” is used to limit the range of photographic field to proceed with the color compensation towards the camera gray card system. In return, it achieves the highest color accuracy and an unprecedented life color reproduction of photos.  It does not only achieve the simple white color balance to restore the photos to the standard color temperature (e.g. 6500K or 5500K) afterwards. By doing so, all the colors in the photo will be twisted to inaccurate color when the rendered white color is forced to the standard white color!

Under different lighting conditions, the absolute standard white color is rendered into different color gradation of white as being affected by ambient lights. The “RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter” is very effective to achieve the most accurate color reproduction under this shooting scene.  Based on its design, DCC Filter works very well with either JPG or RAW form on all brands of cameras.


Product Superiorities:

★ Latest 2014 U.S. innovation.
★ Concise design, professionally structured, easy to use, instant results.
★ Get “Visual Color” or “Absolute Color” photo from camera in one shot

★ Total new concept and design to measure the white balance average
   value by framing the scene.

★ Get the accurate color temperature average value of the framed
   photographic scene through a real optical filter instantly. In the mean
   time, the camera color system is precisely calibrated for the scene too!

★ Take mirror image photo (JPG and/or RAW) in one shot directly!
★ The first and only color temperature adjustable calibration filter.
★ It turns the DSLR camera into a perfect-matched color temperature meter.
★ Assembly design.
★ Fit the photography framing perspective needs of wide-angel, standard or
   telephoto lenses.

★ Applicable across various brands of cameras and lenses.
★ Light, portable and convenient storage.
★ Provides the camera with the most accurate camera gray color system
   compensation value.

★ Reduce the camera CPU usage rate that might extent camera service life
   with less overheats problems.

★ Easy to use.  Mount -> Set Manual White Balance -> Take Off.  
★ Two kinds of light guide panel width structures on filter cup.  
★ Can fine-tune the color temperature of the photography scene..
★ Personally designed by the inventor himself.
★ Effectively resolve the color temperature calculation errors of all cameras
   AWB in a variety of different scenarios.

★ Improved color gradation. The details of photo look clearer and sharper.
★ The average Color Calibration white balance value from “RAYNAULD™
   Directivity Color Calibration filter” is more accurate than the best gray

★ Designed and created for professional photographers. It works great for
   general photographers for all purposes TOO!

Purposes and Users:

● Dedicated to professional photographers of portrait, landscape, still life,
   zoology, live record, etc.

● For all users of DSLR cameras, mirror-less cameras, digital cameras, video
   recorders which are equipped with the features of “Manual White Balance”
   for indoors and outdoors.

● Most suitable for portrait, still commodities, landscapes, wildlife, bird,
   zoology, season travels, social activities, daily events and life record
   photography of all users.

● Faithful skin color reproduction. This unique function is vital to record the
   blush on face and the health conditions of family members, especially on
   babies’ and kids’ delicate growth records. Avoid the liver-like unhealthy
   skin color under indoor yellow bulb lighting.

● Hospital patient health records and treatment managements.
● Extremely suitable for all businesses in faithful color records and data

● Micro film and short film fans.
● Best camera color system calibrating tool for photo perfectionists.
● Work with a variety of brand name expert-level filters or hood used in

● The long distance scene shooting.
● Precisely adjusting the color balance and color density of photos with the
   physical optical filter. Fully exposes the photographic image quality
   performance advantage of the top model cameras.

● Effective correction towards the photo color shift when using the top
   flash mixed with ambient lighting

● Applicable to use with the lens of wide-angel, standard, telephoto fix
   lens, and zoom lens.

● It is the perfect solution towards the recurring errors of camera’s Auto
   White Balance (AWB) calculation simulation.

● An indispensable camera color calibration tool for artists and photographic

● It is a must-have for a large number of commodities shooting,
   multiple-angle shooting and animation shooting.

Features of RAYNAULD Directivity Color Calibration Filter

Purposes and users of RAYNAULD™ DCC Filter

What is the main function of RAYNAULD™ DCC Filter?

How to use RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter ?


Product:  Directivity Color Calibration Filter, 75mm.
Nature:      Optical Filter for camera color calibration.
Material:   ABS & PE.  Environment friendly w/o spray coating.
Structure:  Extendable & Assembling.

Fits the lens with its maximum outdiameter of 65mm or less.
75mm Fits the lens with its maximum outdiameter between 65.1mm and 75mm.
85mm Fits the lens with its maximum outdiameter between 75.1mm and 85mm.
100mm Fits the lens with its maximum outdiameter between 85.1mm and 100mm.

   Size:  Inner Diameter   Outer Diameter
 65mm        65mm                     80mm
 75mm        75mm                    90mm
 85mm        85mm                  100mm
100mm     100mm                  115mm

Height: Extendable from 40mm to 120mm

Contents: 1 DCC Filter

It is very easy for everyone to shoot for almost perfect photo like the following photo using
any DSLR camer
under the help of RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter.
The original JPG without any modification are available for download.
Please view them in 4K TV to witness the nature color on them.

★ PCT NO. PCT/CN2014/000209
★ CHINA PATENT NO. ZL 2014 2 0104131.X