☉ What is the main function of RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter?

The main function of RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter is to avoid the constant color cast problem of the current camera/CAM as the result of calculation error from its AWB under various scenes. It is used to calibrate the camera color system with pin-point accuracy against the scene before taking the photo.  As the result, the photo could be expected with high-precision, well structured and rich in detail colors that everyone could be proud with

It functions like GPS navigation system in locating position from point A to point B with extremely high accuracy. After pin-point the car position (the White Color), its (The White Color’s) position and the directional relationship (relative color) of others (other colors) on the earth surface (photo) are exactly digitalized and well defined with others (other colors). Thus, everyone can use DDC Filter with their current camera and easily take mirror image photos with great fun anywhere anytime!  Don’t leave home without it!