☉ What is the working theory behind “RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter”?


" RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter" is the latest invention of camera external optical filter based on optical physics of shading, light guiding, filtering, restricted area light measurement, light focusing and diffusion in itself.

DCC Filter consists of a set of white cup-like filter installed within a retractable black barrel.  The filter cup is installed inside the black barrel. It can be used to adjust the illuminant level and color temperature value by adjusting the barrel length as well as the position of the filter cup in the barrel. Thus, it can provide the camera gray card system with the most accurate compensation value to shoot for a photo with almost perfect colors. Completely avoid all errors in the color created by the miscalculation of the automatic white balance system (AWB) installed in all present cameras.

Each color on the substance has it own unique color temperature and luminosity under various lightings. The included scope of the composed scene, including the color proportion and the color temperature average value, would be varied whenever the lens direction is rolled.  Therefore, the most accurate color calibration balance average value can be attained only by measuring the white balance value of the photographic scene.

First, to put the filter totally inside the black cylinder body, you can remove the improper rate of measuring the color temperature value when the main light is projected directly onto the filter. With its directivity scene lights through the tube structure, and then through the neutral optical filter, the camera grey card system will be provided with the most accurate gray card compensation value to shoot for the “Absolute Color” photos.


By adjusting the position of the opal filter cup within the barrel, the light is guided and illumination adjusted.  When the filter cup is extruded from the black barrel and exposed to the ambient light, the color temperature recorded by the camera gray card system is adjusted to capture “Visual Color” photographs. 



For more information, please refer to the attached patent application: