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☉ What is “RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter”? (DCC Filter)

“RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter” is a newly invented external camera optical filter. It applied multiple physic and optical technology to solve the photo color cast problem, a long existing technology problems of the current digital camera. DCC Filter allows the most demanding professional photographers to capture a scene in “Visual Color” or “Absolute Color” by using the camera’s manual white balance system to achieve the highest photographic color accuracy in all lighting condition. This dramatically reduces the steps and the time required in post-processing for color enhancements. It helps to remove the doubt and uncertainness on photo color accuracy.  This also benefits general photography public by shooting the almost perfect color photos or videos at profession levels anytime anywhere!

“RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter” is the most advanced optical filter for calibrating the camera color system on site. It is used to pin-point calibrate the camera gray system against various scenes with exact accurate compensation value before the shooting. As a result, we have a high-precision and rich in detail photo with well-structured rich colors. Despite its complex physic and optical theory, the DCC Filter has an elegant and simple design. It is easy to use with and works with remarkable results.



“RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter” is used to limit the range of photographic field to proceed with the color compensation towards the camera gray card system. In return, it achieves the highest color accuracy and an unprecedented life color reproduction of photos.  It does not only achieve the simple white color balance to restore the photos to the standard color temperature (e.g. 6500K or 5500K) afterwards. By doing so, all the colors in the photo will be twisted to inaccurate color when the rendered white color is forced to the standard white color!

Under different lighting conditions, the absolute standard white color is rendered into different color gradation of white as being affected by ambient lights. The “RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter” is very effective to achieve the most accurate color reproduction under this shooting scene.  Based on its design, DCC Filter works very well with either JPG or RAW form on all brands of cameras.


★ PCT NO. PCT/CN2014/000209  
CHINA PATENT NO. ZL 2014 2 0104131.X