Directivity White Balance Filter, DCC40 (Inc. 2 camera adaptors) – Adjustable multi-purposes for pro photographers, Gold US$124.95

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Directivity White Balance Filter, DCC40 (Inc. 2 camera adaptors)  Adjustable multi-purposes for pro photographers, Gold tone



2016 NEW design for pro photographers. Aluminum alloy structure.  Sophisticated design, compact low profile, durable. The movable filter helps to adjust for various light conditions for true color photo. Easy to carry, store and use. Aims to shoot for true color photo and video via manual white balance.Two camera adapters, 82mm & 102mm, are included to provide full cover over lens filter thread O.D. up to 102mm of different lenses. The camera adapter is designed to protect the lens and block the unwanted stray light to be collected by the camera sensors during the process of manual white balance. It is made of slim PET sheet and can be cut easily to smaller sizes or any size for special purposes.

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RAW & JPG originals availabe

4K Photo from cameras direct without any post production

 Designed from the latest Physical Optics patent by limiting the light collecting range to help the camera to read the accurate color temperature and color tone value from the scenes for true color photographing.  It helps to avoid the constant color cast programs among all camera. 

The main filter is installed inside the barrel while movable to adjust for various light sceneries for the true color photograph purpose.  In addition to the hidden filter, the filter cup and the tinny light guiding post helps to absorb the lights for the most accurate color temperature value on site.

It enables mirrorless camera and camera photo to shoot for true color photo and video without the need to shoot in RAW for post production. Users can share their true color photo & video immediate.  For artists insist for post production creation, the true color photo can save them tone of time.

                                               JPG originals available

Main Function:  For true color photo. To use the camera as a professional custom made color meter thru the patented structured filter in order to avoid the color cast exists among most camera and camera phone.

Usage Occasion: Indoors. When the camera phone has color cast problems for photographing or video recording.

Functional Characteristics:

1 Collecting the scene light in directivity

  The current camera lenses are designed to allow it to collect light with an 180° field of view that leads to read the wrong color temperature value of the pictured scene. The patented design of RAYNAULD DWS Filter uses an optical filter which has a light-guiding and cup-shaped structure concealed inside a barrel body. By this way, the filter can collect the light partially and selectively to avoid non-selective light absorption from all directions.   

2 Professional entity optical filter 

DWB Filter uses a professional entity optical filter with light-guiding lens cup to take the rays of light captured in the restricted field of view and turns them into a compensation value for the camera’s grey system. It accurately indicates what is the actual white color average value of the scene in front of the camera. Thus, it can avoid the possibilities of miscalculations of the camera’s automatic white balance (AWB) totally.
3 Homogenizes the rays of light

  The light-guiding wall of the filter cup and the light-guiding posts on the filter’s surface make the collected rays of light homogenized in the center of the filter. In this way, it provides the color temperature meter with the most accurate color temperature average value.

              View at the time of WB-Lock when the light is guided and mixed to the

center of Filter through the filter, encircled wall and posts.

4  Conform to the color temperature average value of the scene

  The DWS filter directs the light and collects it partially. Thanks to the unique light-guiding filter lens cup, the light-guiding posts and other physical methods, the filter provides the color temperature system of the camera with an average color temperature value which is the most well-adjusted to the scene you are shooting. In this way, your pictures and videos can have true-to-the-original colors.

5 Camera grey color system

  The aim of the DWB optical light filter is to carry out an accurate compensating correction of the SLR camera grey system. Using the same principle of physical optics, the filter can correct the colors of photos and videos made by cameras and/or video recorders.

6  Real colors

  Each picture and video frame made with a digital camera uses a single color temperature value and a single color tone to define the white and all other colors in the scene. Only if the scene has an accurate color temperature value and an accurate color tone, it is possible to make real color pictures correctly! Make pictures authentic to the human eye vision and avoid the miscalculations of the camera’s automatic white balance (AWB).

  You don’t need gray card to shoot RAW and edit the photo with special software later; you can make almost perfect colored photos directly on your smart phone and right there enjoy the colorful moments of life. It makes the modern art creation processes time-saving and easy; keeps the the colors of the photo close to the original at the maximum extent. Create original work with perfect colors in one shot.

* When the object is too close to the camera lens, the automatic white balance (AWB) system of the camera cannot find a referent for the white color or other colors close to white (for example: a bright spot). Therefore, it can easily make a miscalculation in the white balance compensation value, as shown in the following example with the yellowish jeans:

In the next photo scene, the strong light source on the ceiling shines directly into the camera lens and in this way it gives the photosensitive parts incorrect color temperature. If the average color temperature does not correspond to the actual colors of the scene, the automatic white balance (AWB) of the camera naturally produces photos in wrong colors, as shown in the following example:

  The above are only two of the numerous examples for color deviation from Camera AWB. There are too many circumstances with photo color deviation enumerate. Here are some more examples.

Instructions:  Cover the camera lens with the filter only when doing the White
                        Balance Locking. After the White Balance Locking is completed,                         remove the filter and start to shoot.          


How to use


Dentist Camera (mode)recommendation set - for acurate photo on everyone anytime

● When using the filter, either on its front or its reverse side, you should always
   press Filter adapter tightly against the front lens.

● For the best results, place the light-collecting area of the filter in the center of the
   camera’s display.

●  Photo style: Please select FAITHFUL, NATURAL or TRUE mode only.

● If the AWB of the camera and the filter give the same results on some occasions,
  it means that the camera AWB was working perfectly fine for that occasion. This
  doesn’t mean that the filter doesn’t play any role – IT IS PERFORMING PERFECTLY.

● The exposure is an important element composing the colors. In order to achieve
   the most true-to-the-original colors, please make the necessary adjustments
   on exposure according to the scene (if it’s too light or too dark exposure) before
   or after taking the photos.

● If there is a considerable change in the scene or the light source, use the filter
   again to lock the white balance for the new scene.

● How to prove the effect of the Color Calibrating Filter? Take a photo using
   RAYNAULD DWB or DCC filter and compare it with the colors of the actual scene
   immediately. You have a proof!

● If while using the DWB filter or the DCC filter there is still no color correction
   effect, take two or three steps back, use the DWB filter or the DCC filter again
   to lock the white balance, then approach the object and take the photo.

● RAYNAULD™ DWB filter and DCC filter can acquire the most accurate white
   balance average value and can also make photos and videos of true colors.
   However, the displaying of the colors photo is limited by the camera’s color
   reproduction capacity.

● After you cover the camera lens with the filter, wait for one or two seconds
   before press the key for locking the white balance in order to acquired is the
   most accurate color temperature value.

** Color temperature exam photo examples (RAW with grey card) using the
    RAYNAULD™ Directivity White Balance Filters.

** Hundreds of 4K photos using DWB Filters are available for downloads. Except resized to 4K (3840x2160), these photo are of original JPG form directly from camera without any kinds of enhancements.  

Source 1      Source 2               For China Link A + Link B

Before & After True Photo Comparisons: 
    Canon EOS M
    Panasonic GF3

With DCC40 to calibrate the camera, it is so easy to shoot color-perfect
4K video directly from it!


Camera AWB

Professional Gray/White Card

Directivity White Balance Filter

Working Principle

Logical operations by camera processor. It obtained an image via the lens. Based on the received image, the camera microcomputer processor proceeds its logic operations to produce a color temperature and tint values for the scene.

Shoot RAW, then use PS or LightRoom on the image of photo card gray / white card area to decide the color temperature and tint value to calibrate the white balance of the photo..

Applying the latest Physical Optics. It uses the camera as a professional color temperature meter. Collecting the scene light in limited range to the camera sensor thru the DWB filter to compensate the camera color system with the accurate spot color temperature and tint values to restore the WHITE color.

Entity Filter?



Yes. It uses a patented entity filter for white balance.

Light range selection capability

Weak. The senor receives

nearly 180-degree all lights thru the front lens.

NO.Different gray cards holding angles have different levels of light pollution phenomenon.

Shielding scene for a defined range of lights reading in direction.

Light Source

Incident (same direction as the image)

Reflected light (Reverse to the image)

Incident (same direction as the image)

Logical operation results

Accurate from time to time. Minor to series errors in many scenes.

It does not use the logical calculation. But, it receives different levels of the light pollution in a colorful world.

It do not use the logical calculation, and do not produce calculation errors.

Color temperature (color) Accuracy

Could be very accurate from time to time. However, lots of miscalculation leads serious color shift.


Much better than AWB. A color shift would remains under the influences of the opposite light source and color pollution on gray card.

A professional final touch is required for true color works.

Easy to restore true color either for photo or video. Once, the WHITE is precisely defined, then, billion of colors could be well defined and displayed on images.



Very inconvenient. It needs to do post productions on computers and skillful practice with software. After that, a master art talent is required to precede the final touch for true color works.

On a new scene, it needs to use the DWB filter to do a white balance lock. For outdoor shooting,one must redo the white balance lock every 20 minutes.

Time Use

Immediately available, do not spend time.

Lots of time is required to do post production on computers.

Immediately available, do not spend time.

Power Consumption

Camera processor continues its work for AWB once the power is turned on.

It consumes processor performance and power.

Same as AWB.

The AWB function is stopped as soon as the White Balance Lock is set. Thus, it extends battery operation time and reduces camera heat as well.

Photo color performance

Sometime good color; sometime terrible color results. It is almost impossible to restore true color without using a professional gray card/white card.

Always slightly off from true color. Dropping on each point of gray card image would receive different color temperature and tint value. Which one is right? The light pollution on gray card itself makes it even worse.

Once the WHITE is defined correctly for the scene, billions of colors could be defined and displayed exactly on images. A fine Gradation and sharp image could be expected from such a photo in true color.

Video Effects

The film color shift and drift happen when the lens is shifted to another direction as the result of AWB calculation is not matching the lens movement fast enough. In addition, the film color shift happens all the time even the lens is remained still.

Shooting film in RAW is in professional job territory.

Excellent film in true color everywhere. No film color shift and drift indoor or outdo

Product: Directivity White Balance Filter, DCC40 (2 Camera Adapter included). Gold tone.
Product No: DCC40
Application: White balance filter for SLR/Mirrorless camera and video recorders. 
Instructions: Cover the camera lens with the filter only when doing the White Balance Locking. After the White Balance Locking is completed, remove the filter and start to shoot.
Materials: ABS & Acrylic.
Net weight: 27.8 grams
Size: length 40 mm x 40 mm O.D.
Camera Adapter O.D.: 1. 82mm. Cutability for smaller size
                                 2. 102mm.  Cutability for smaller size
Camera Adapter Material: PET
Made in Taiwan

RAYNAULD Ltd.  www.raynauld.com
7th Floor, 246 ZhuangJing Road, Taipei City 110, Taiwan
Caution: keep away from children under 10 years old.

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  ● EPC NO. EP14786440.9  ● CHINA UTILITY PATENT NO.: ZL 2014 2 0104131.X
                      ● U.S. PATENT NO.9,350,964 ● TAIWAN UTITILITY PATENT NO.: M481554