☉ The difference between Visual & Absolute Color? ☉ The difference between Visual & Absolute Color? ☉ What is the difference between the “Visual Color” and the “Absolute Color” in photo?     The photo colors taken with the “Visual Color Position” and the “Absolute Color Position” are quite different from each other.  The “Visual Color” is the color that we are familiar with our naked eyes in daily life; while, the “Absolute Color” is more close to the color revealed under the standard lighting environments, such as under the 6500K lighting in photo studio for example, free of tinted effect. Please select which color position to use with to meet your photographic needs.     Digital Cameras come out with color cast photo frequently. These color cast photo is the result of the camera color temperature calculation errors. These colors are neither “Visual Color” nor “Absolute Color”. It is simply in wrong color!                               Visual Color                                                            Absolute Color Features of RAYNAULD Directivity Color Calibration Features of RAYNAULD Directivity Color Calibration Features of “RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter”:   ★ Latest 2014 U.S. innovation. Its patent application was endorsed by PCT within 46 days due to its unique insights and application on physics and optics to solve the existing camera color problem! It is a proud record.  (March 7, 2014 – April 22, 2014) ★ Concise design, well structured, easy to use, instant results. ★ Get “Visual Color” or “Absolute Color” photo from camera in one shot directly! ★ Total new concept and design to measure the white balance average value by framing the scene to provide the most accurate compensation value towards the camera gray card system. ★ Get the accurate color temperature average value of the framed photographic scene through a real optical filter instantly. In the mean time, the camera color system is precisely calibrated for the scene too! ★ Take mirror image photo (JPG and/or RAW) in one shot directly!  That reduces the steps and time for PS post processing, and removes the troubles from the color uncertainties. For JPG photo, that totally avoids the photo image quality degrade from the color correction process. An almost perfect color RAW would make the PS jobs much easier and faster, such as color enhancements and art creations. ★ The first and only color temperature adjustable calibration filter in the market. ★ It turns the DSLR camera into a perfect-matched color temperature meter which receives a limited scale of incident lights from the shooting scene through DCC Filter. Thus, the camera color system is calibrated to its best instantly. ★ It uses the combined application of optical theories of light guide phenomenon, shading effect, color temperature isolation, color temperature mixing, focusing and diffusion etc. creating an unprecedented camera color calibration filter. ★ A real optical filter is used to calibrate the camera color system with the superior calibration results. ★ Assembly design. Each part can be easily detached and assembled while remaining a proper damping effect to keep the barrels and filter cup in relatively stable position to maximize the users’ flexibility. ★ With its adjustable stepless directivity barrel design, it can help the photographers to shoot mirror image photo that conforms to the real scene in one shot. Moreover, it can take photo out of all objects in “Absolute Color,” including the “Absolute White”! ★ Its length-adjustable design makes it perfect to fit the photography framing perspective needs of wide-angel, standard or telephoto lenses. ★ RAYNAULD™ DCC Filter is applicable across various brands of cameras and lenses that makes it a very worthwhile investment for fine photographing. ★ The telescopic tube design makes storage easy and the use of flexibility indoor and outdoor. ★ The height is only 4.0 cm after the contraction. Light, portable and convenient storage. A special package make it easy to attaché the filter onto a belt or backpack’s shoulder strap. It is easy to use and doesn’t interfere with body movements. ★ Adjusting the length of the telescopic tube and the position of the cup filter, the user can fine-tune the white color compensation value to customize the color temperature differences on the nature of different lenses. ★ Avoid the wrong color temperature measurements from the unnecessary highlight and intense colors outside the shooting range. ★ Provides the camera with the most accurate camera gray color system compensation value to shoot photos with  almost perfect color. ★ When using the manual white balance setting, the camera build-in AWB is no more working. It can reduce the camera CPU usage rate from the intense computation burden of AWB while improves camera performance and system responses. That might extent camera service life with less overheats problems. ★ Easy to use.  Mount -> Set Manual White Balance -> Take Off.  Cover the front end of the lens with the Filter when doing the manual white balance settings. Once the settings are done, the filter can be removed immediately. The retractable telescopic structure makes it ease to adjust the filter poison to match the view angles of the lens to achieve the best color temperature compensation value. ★ The intensity of ambient light illumination affects the color temperature average value through the filter. Thus, the color temperature average value can be adjusted through the adjustment of the position of the filter cup within the black barrel. There are two kinds of light guide panel width structures on filter cup to adjust the intensity of ambient light illumination.  There are many radiation type semicircle points which are designed to enhance the light diffusion to provide camera gray card system with more precious compensation value in order to shoot for color perfect photo or video with mirror image effect. ★ The unique patented design can fine-tune the color temperature of the photography scene with the main light source and illumination ratio to match the eye visual sense and personal preferences. ★ For individual camera color temperature compensation design is not competently set, the color temperature adjustment mechanism of “RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter” can be used to for further fine-tuning of the device to get the highest level of photographic color reproduction of the scene. ★ The different lens structures, materials and coatings will affect the color temperature of light ray that passes through the lens. “RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter” can be used to fine-tune the variety caused by the lens for the camera gray card compensation system. ★ Personally designed by the inventor himself. The DCC Filter carries more new features and functionalities beyond the original patent applications. ★ Effectively resolve the color temperature calculation errors of all cameras AWB in a variety of different scenarios. ★ The light can be guided to the filter through the light guide panels on the filter cup indirectly to avoid the direct exposure of the main light on the main filter that is in full compliance with the diffusion phenomena of environmental colors. With that, it can provide the most accurate compensation value to the camera gray card system to shoot the highest quality photo to restore the real world color in one shot! ★ Improved color gradation. The millions of colors on the photo are also extremely accurate, and in this way makes the details of photo clearer and sharper. The average Color Calibration white balance value from “RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration filter” is more accurate than the best gray card. ★ Designed and created for professional photographers. It works great for general photographers for all purposes TOO! ★ PCT NO. PCT/CN2014/000209   ★ CHINA PATENT NO. ZL 2014 2 0104131.X   ★ TAIWAN PATENT NO. M481554 Purposes and users of RAYNAULD™ DCC Filter Purposes and users of RAYNAULD™ DCC Filter Purposes and Users of RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter:     ● Dedicated to professional photographers of portrait, landscape, still life, zoology, live record, etc. ● Pin-Point calibrating camera color system on site instantly. ● A must-have camera color calibrating tool for commercial photographers to shoot the right color in one shot to avoid the unnecessary controversies on product colors. Works great for various sizes of photostudio under different lighting condition. ● For all users of DSLR cameras, mirror-less cameras, digital cameras, video recorders which are equipped with the features of “Manual White Balance” for indoors and outdoors. ● For high-end mobile phones that equipped with manual while balance feature, such as XiaoMi MI3, MI4, etc. ● Most suitable for portrait, still commodities, landscapes, wildlife, bird, zoology, season travels, social activities, daily events and life record photography of all users. ● Faithful skin color reproduction.  Human skin colors are the most obvious manifestation of health. With the “Absolute Color” setting of this Filter, the most realistic skin colors with the least influences from ambient lighting sources can be taken. This unique function is vital to record the blush on face and the health conditions of family members, especially on babies’ and kids’ delicate growth records. While snapping the daily events photo, everyone’s health and life process are also faithfully and livelily recorded.  It also helps to avoid the liver-like unhealthy skin color under indoor yellow bulb lighting. ● Hospital patient health records and treatment managements. ● Extremely suitable for all businesses in faithful color records and data managements. Efficient and money-saving! ● Micro film and short film fans. Using the “Absolute Color” to film all the scenes, it would save lots of time and efforts during the editing on color adjustments. ● Professional wedding photographic for both indoor and outdoor. ● Best camera color system calibrating tool for photo perfectionists. ● Flexible design that can work with a variety of brand name expert-level filters or hood used in conjunction. ● Setting the accurate average color temperature value on the long distance scene shooting. ● Precisely adjusting the color balance and color density of photos with the physical optical filter. Fully exposes the photographic image quality performance advantage of the top model cameras. DCC Filter immediately improves the color image performance of the current DSLR. ● Effective correction towards the photo color shift when using the top flash mixed with ambient lighting under various scenes. ● Illumination of main light source can be controlled easily and precisely adjusted the right average color temperature, to match different brands and models of camera/video CAM to shoot for Visual Color photo directly. ● Environmental impact-resistant materials, precision manufacturing, high durability, long service life. ● The use of barrel telescopic adjustment makes it perfectly applicable to use with the lens of wide-angel, standard, telephoto fix lens, and zoom lens. ● It is the perfect solution towards the recurring errors of camera’s Auto White Balance (AWB) calculation simulation which causes photo color distortion problems. It helps the photographers giving them more confidence on their photo/video creation. ● Avoid color distortion from the excessive ambient lights. ● When photographing the scene, it is not just for the photographer to frame the view. It is also the finest presentation of the photographer on his/her light shad, color scene appreciation, judgments, interpretation and personal tastes.  Taking one shot to capture the scene with mirror image photo in full compliance with spot atmosphere and seasonal sensation that would make the art creations, image enhancements much more easily. ● Color is the soul of all arts. Without color presentation, the beauty, moment touches and inspirations of artists’ creation can not be fully created. “RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter” is an indispensable camera color calibration tool for artists and photographic enthusiasms from now on. ● For studio models or commodities shot, it could be used to shoot either Visual Color or Absolute Color photo without worrying that multiple lamp bulb color temperatures are not correct or aging which would cause the photo color cast.  It helps to get the almost perfect color photo from the first time. It is a must-have for a large number of commodities shooting, multiple-angle shooting and animation shooting.     ★ PCT NO. PCT/CN2014/000209   ★ CHINA PATENT NO. ZL 2014 2 0104131.X   ★ TAIWAN PATENT NO. M481554 How to use Directivity Color Calibration Filter How to use Directivity Color Calibration Filter ○ How to use RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter:   The color of light is the color temperature itself. Based on this basic understanding, it is easy to understand how to make use of RAYNAULD™ Directivity Color Calibration Filter: It would be closer to the Absolute Color of the object if the center part of the Filter receives less illumination quantity from the main light source; it would be closer to ambient color tone if the center part of the Filter receives more illumination quantity from the main light source. For examples, by fully extending the Filter cup out of the barrel to allow the cup well exposed to the main lighting that would achieve colder tone color temperature in the morning while warmer tone in the evening. Thus, you could easily manipulate the color tone to your preference between the Absolute Color and Visual Color by adjusting the Filter position in the barrel.   Custom White Balance for Canon Camera:   Perform this procedure with the shoot mode of P.A.S.M. under the actual light source: 1.Point the lens to the shoot scene with setup manual or automatic     focus being set. Cover the front lens with “Raynauld Directivity Color     Calibration Filter” and snap for a photo. After that, the barrel filter     can be removed from the lens. 2. Select [Custom White Balance] and press 3. Import the White Balance Data.     。Select the image that was captured in the step 1, then press .     。On the dialog screen that appears, select [OK] and the data will       be imported.    。When the menu reappears, press the button to exit the menu. 4.Press to display the Quick Control screen. 5.Select the Custom White Balance, then press. Then, start shooting     or taking video. Custom White Balance for Panasonic Camera:   Perform this procedure with the recording mode of P.A.S.M. under the actual light source: 1.Press the right button on [MENU/SET], then select White Set 1. 2.Press the UP button to display the small window. 3.Point the lens towards the shoot scenery, then cover the front lens     with Raynauld Directivity   Color Calibration filter. 4.Press the [MENU/SET] to complete the setting. Remove the filter to     shoot a photo or take a video.   5 Basic Setting Positions for DCC Filter to use with camera:   A For indoor B For outdoor -  short range, portrait, street view C Outdoor – Middle to long distant photograph & Indoor Portrait   D Top Flash  for manual white balance setting E Using the blue filter cup in the yellow indoor lighting to maintain the warm tone. Users’ attentions: * The methods and steps to do the Manual White Balance (White Set, Custom White Balance, etc.) of each camera brand are different. Please refer to the camera manual for the correct operation. The option of “Manual White Balance” might only be available when the shoot mode is set in P, A, S or M. * When using the remote flash or indoor photography lighting system, please follow the same above-mentioned steps while turning the flash light on and the required light system to perform the custom white balance with the filter. * Set the photo style to NATURAL (NEUTUAL) with variety of (0,0,0,0)!  The sharpness can be slightly increased.  Based on the actual photo on monitor, the brightness might need to be adjusted if necessary for the best result. However, there might exist color cast to blue, red or green after the color calibration adjust using the filter, there might need to adjust the camera color system to correct its problems in order to shot for environmental color photos.  For instance, Olympus E-PL1 has to set -3 in order to eliminate its reddish phenomenon of its photo.   * If encounter the unusual excess resistance while stretching out or drawing back the DCC Filter body, please twist the body a little bit to solve the problem. * For those professional photographers who always mount the lens hood on lens or would rather not to take off the lens hood from the lens, please select the outer diameter of DCC Filter is smaller than the minimum inner diameter of lens hood so that the DCC Filter could be inserted into the lens hood for proper works. Or, you might choose a larger DCC Filter to cover the lens hood to work properly. * Whenever photography scene or character display contents are changed, the average value of the color temperature of the framed scene would be varied. Be sure to redo the above-mentioned manual white balance to get the best color accuracy. * When in use, only need to cover the front end of lens with Color Calibration Balance Filter to conduct the “Manual White Balance”. There is no need to cover the whole lens body with the black sleeve of the filter. * Please avoid using the over-sized filter as it would degrade the color measurement performance in accuracy. * The color calibrating function of the Filter is limited by the color system of the camera itself. It can not be expected to override the camera build-in system, such as shooting under extremely low light and low color temperature scenes (such as candle lights) or the color cast design of the camera etc. * At a special photographic environment with a single color, please use a gray card or put additional staff on site to perform the white balance adjustment.  It also helps to do the color calibrating by putting extra movable staff, such as chairs, cloths or body, in the scene. * The colors from the “Visual Color” and “Absolute Color” positions are different from each other. Please choose and adjust based on your needs. * Keep the Filter clean and away from any grease that could color the filter and damage its color calibrating accuracy! Clean with soft and dirty free towel. * None of the current camera is equipped with the color temperature auto adjusting screen. Thus, please do not use the camera screen to do the photo on site calibrating purpose.   ★ PCT NO. PCT/CN2014/000209   ★ CHINA PATENT NO. ZL 2014 2 0104131.X   ★ TAIWAN PATENT NO. M481554 How to calibrate the monitor or big LED TV? How to calibrate the monitor or big LED TV?  How to calibrate the monitor or big LED TV? The monitor color must be well calibrated before doing the “environmental visual color” calibration of camera and the filter. As to monitor calibration, we would recommend Datacolor Spider4 or any professional monitor calibration application for best results. However, there is an alternative method by using the retina iPad for this purpose for color comparison between the digital photo and real world. How to conduct the photo color with environmental color for calibrating? The easiest way to do so is to shoot photo at the spot and make color comparison on the monitor or iPad immediately.  We would suggest to place a few of well-familiar house hold staff and colorful clothes in the scene for easy comparison.  Human vision is very sensitive towards direction as well as any reflection of objects.  Thus, it would be a good ideal to view the scene in the same direction as the lens was pointed to for best results.     ★ PCT NO. PCT/CN2014/000209   ★ CHINA PATENT NO. ZL 2014 2 0104131.X   ★ TAIWAN PATENT NO. M481554