DWB (Directivity White Balance ) Filter for smartphone - Why & How It Works?






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RAYNAULD 雷諾 DCC或DWB專利濾光鏡對場景進行"指向性局部取光",經由實體中性濾光鏡,再予以均勻化而取得最精準符合現場的平均色溫值,用以校正手機相機的以灰色系統為主的色彩,故能譲相機一次性拍出最精準的真實色彩。

Functional Characteristics:

1 Collecting the scene light in directivity

  The camera lens of the phones usually has a design which allows it to collect light with an 180° field of view that leads to read the wrong color temperature value of the pictured scene. The patented design of RAYNAULD DWS Filter uses an optical filter which has a light-guiding and cup-shaped structure concealed inside a barrel body. By this way, the filter can collect the light partially and selectively to avoid non-selective light absorption from all directions.


2 Professional entity optical filter

  DWB Filter uses a professional entity optical filter with light-guiding lens cup to take the rays of light captured in the restricted field of view and turns them into a compensation value for the camera’s grey system. It accurately indicates what is the actual white color average value of the scene in front of the camera. Thus, it can avoid the possibilities of miscalculations of the camera’s automatic white balance (AWB) totally.

3 Homogenizes the rays of light

  The light-guiding wall of the filter cup and the light-guiding posts on the filter’s surface make the collected rays of light homogenized in the center of the filter. In this way, it provides the color temperature meter with the most accurate the color temperature average value.

View at the time of WB-Lock when the light is guided and mixed to the
center of Filter through the filter, encircled wall and posts.

4  Conform to the color temperature average value of the scene

  The DWS filter directs the light and collects it partially. Thanks to the unique light-guiding filter lens cup, the light-guiding posts and other physical methods, the filter provides the color temperature system of the camera with an average color temperature value which is the most well-adjusted to the scene you are shooting. In this way, your pictures and videos can have true-to-the-original colors.

5 Camera phone grey color system

  The camera phone grey color system is the same as the DSLR camera. The aim of the DWB optical light filter is to carry out an accurate compensating correction of the SLR camera grey system. Using the same principle of physical optics, the filter can correct the colors of photos and videos made by camera phones.

6  Real colors

  Each picture and video frame made with a digital camera uses a single color temperature value and a single color tone to define the white and all other colors in the scene. Only if the scene has an accurate color temperature value and an accurate color tone, it is possible to make real color pictures correctly! Make pictures authentic to the human eye vision and avoid the miscalculations of the camera’s automatic white balance (AWB).

  You don’t need gray card to shoot RAW and edit the photo with special software later; you can make almost perfect colored photos directly on your smart phone and right there enjoy the colorful moments of life. It makes the modern art creation processes time-saving and easy; keeps the the colors of the photo close to the original at the maximum extent. Create original work with perfect colors in one shot.

* When the object is too close to the camera lens, the automatic white balance (AWB) system of the camera cannot find a referent for the white color or other colors close to white (for example: a bright spot). Therefore, it can easily make a miscalculation in the white balance compensation value, as shown in the following example with the yellowish jeans:

In the next photo scene, the strong light source on the ceiling shines directly into the camera lens and in this way it gives the photosensitive parts incorrect color temperature. If the average color temperature does not correspond to the actual colors of the scene, the automatic white balance (AWB) of the camera naturally produces photos in wrong colors, as shown in the following example:

  The above are only two of the numerous examples for color deviation from Camera AWB. There are too many circumstances with photo color deviation enumerate. Here are some more examples.

** Color temperature exam photo examples (RAW with grey card) using the
    RAYNAULD™ Camera Phone DCC or DWB Filters.



Camera Phone AWB

RAYNAULD™ Directivity White Balance Filter

Operating Principles

Logical calculus by micro computer chip through the photoimage captured through the lens.

Using the physical optics filter by taking the camera as a color temperature meter to set the white balance value.

Actual Filter


Yes! A real filter with patented optical structure

Light Reading Range Limitation


It limits the range from which light can be collected

Logical calculations


Doesn’t use logical operations and doesn’t make operational errors

Color Temperature Accuracy

Might be high accurate or serious inaccurate

High accurate color temperature average value against the photo scene

Usage Convenience


Need to use the DWB Filter to do White Balance Lock against the scene before the shooting

Power Consumption

Continue to consume the power ever since the camera is turned on.

The microchip AWB calculation is turned off upon the White Balance lock is set.

Photo Effects

Color accuracy is hard to expected or reproduced with after works.

Color Accuracy is as good as or even better than the professional way to shoot with grey card and using Lightroom to restore the real color.

Video Color Effects

Serious color casts happens when switching the camera direction.

Accurate and stable color when switching the camera direction under the same lighting.


● EPC NO. EP14786440.9       ● CHINA UTITLY PATENT NO. ZL 2014 2 0104131.X